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Yuri. I am glad you and your family were finally able to travel to Japan and good to hear you are feeling better.

Love to you all,

Ryna and Naftali.

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Thanks God you are all okey Yurnina. Miss you so much guys. You are a such a beautiful family that I had the opportunity and the pleasure to have met you all.

Always you all are in my prays and waiting for the day meet you again. At the same time I’m so happy you had a fun time in Tokyo spending great time with your family that I’m sure they are already missing you because I do, I miss share time with you lovely kids.

I’m also pretty good enjoying of my family, we had passed for a pretty bad situation also with my mom. Because she was detected with Alchalasia in second grade. It was a horrible sickness because she couldn’t eat or even drink any liquids for almost 3 months. She had lost a lot of weight and been without energy. God again had made us a miracle and she didn’t need any surgery because only with once endoscopy with dilatation was enough for she been able to eat again normally.

Love you so much guys, and I can’t wait to see you. Always I’m be so grateful to you for everything.

Josselyn Vallejo your Ecuadorian friend 🇪🇨💕


Sorry for my writing I made my best🙊🙈

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